The Greatest Gatsby

We have been working on THE GREAT GATSBY for the last six weeks.  We have made great progress, I am very happy with the new costumes we have built.  I redesigned a new party dress for Daisy.  It is very similar to the former party dress, just built differently.  I am sure Peter would love it.  It is a wonderful opportunity to visit a production that was beautiful when it was first built but to have a chance to make improvements 30 years later, 30 years older, 30 years wiser, and fix what wasn’t perfect last time.  It was beautiful and it worked but now it is perfect!  Peter worked hard to hide the bodice to skirt line but we changed the build of it and erased the line.

Rehearsals looked great! Choreography, music, and dancing all top notch.  Loving every minute.  Another major production will hit the stage in February.


Scenic rendering copy-written by Peter Farmer


We are also making a few costumes for the Steeler Annual Fashion Show.  Some beautiful  tulle full length gold skirts for our students to wear.  We were invited to a pre season game at Heinz Field.  It was wonderful and the Steelers won!


At the pre season game.


We are also working on costumes for an exhibit at the Carnegie Music Hall.  Our students will be dancing.

The Dancer’s Pointe made it through back to school and will fit pointe shoes on the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School students that will be going on pointe for the first time soon.

Speaking of pointe shoes, Marie from Freed will be arriving mid October for Freed fittings.  Busy Days!!!

On a personal note my Daughter, Katie is getting married soon.  So far I have Matron of Honor, two Flowergirls, two Ringbearer pillows and my ensemble almost complete.  The Bride will be finished the week before the wedding when she is around for fittings.  All is going well right on schedule.


Kalli practicing being a Flower girl!

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