It is almost here.  Opening night of SWAN LAKE is Friday, February 16, 2018.  One of my favorite ballets.  We are especially excited this year because we have all new scenery designed by Peter Farmer.  He designed the costumes for us in 1994 but we could not have new sets at that time.  Now the production will be perfect with the scenery and costumes by the same designer.  Peter once said that the scenery was the backdrop for a painting and the costumes were a part of the foreground.  Now our painting will be complete.  Can’t wait to see everything together.

I said that Peter designed the costumes in 1994, but all the costumes are not that old.  For instance we just built two new Siegfried costumes for Alejandro Diaz.  We also replaced all the over skirts on the Guest costumes, added new tulle and new sleeves.  New sleeves for the Jester.  Six new Court costumes.  New Guest shirts for the men.  New elastic for all the Swans.


Alejandro slipped his jacket on between rehearsals

There are also a lot of shoes and boots in this production.  Joanna had to strip Luca’s boots and repaint them beige.  There are pointe shoes, ballet slippers, character shoes, ballet boots and character boots in this production.  And they are all different colors.




The first step is to use a leather prepare and a deglazer  to prep the boots for painting.

Joanna is painting them with  a leather spray paint to match the color of the tights.


It will all be worth it to see it onstage.  Like I said, “Can’t Wait”.