Summer is almost over !

Summer was very busy this year.  We had two rental going out,  one was BEAUTY AND THE BEAST which we purchased from San Francisco Ballet a few years ago.  It is a beautiful production designed by Jose Verona.  I loved working on BEAUTY there were a few costumes missing from the production and we recreated them from the original sketches that we received from the Dance Museum in San Francisco.  They were the most magical ones in the production.  Beauty’s beautiful dress that the Beast gave her, the Beast prince costume when he becomes a Prince.

beauty and the beast2

Alexandra Kochis as Beauty and Alejandro Diaz as the Beast

beauty and the beast7beauty and the beast10

The fittings at Texas Ballet Theatre went well for BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.  It was nice to get it out again and share it with a new audience.

We also rented our brand new GISELLE out for the first time to the Joffrey Ballet.  Fittings are occuring even as we speak.  We made two new Albrecht jackets that we never finished for our production, lucky them.  I hope the fittings go real well.  We made it user friendly.


Julia Erickson as Bathilde, Steven Annegarn as the Duke, Alexandra Kochis as Giselle and Christopher Budzynski as Albrecht

We have also been repairing and rebuilding parts of DRACULA that we open our season with.  Always something happening at the Ballet.

If you are in Fort Worth or Chicago in the next few months treat yourself to the BALLET!

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