Production Week

The week we have all been waiting for.  It is Production Week, now we see if we made all the right decisions during this wonderful build.

Remember all the beautiful white Wilis?  Well they aren’t white any more.  It was a little scary painting all those beautiful new white tutus.  But they are even more beautiful now.  Because of the painting we did something we never do.  We had a studio dress of  Act II on Tuesday of production week.  After the dress we had to tack ivy on all the wilis.  Big job.


Diane as Myrta 

Beautiful!   Svi painted all the wilis, it took about 3 days.


Look how nicely it moves, this costume still needs jeweled

We also finished the Abrecht Act II costume. .


Embroidering  gold motifs on Albrecht’s sleeves.

I also embroidered a message inside Alexa’s Act I Giselle bodice. On saturday Chris will be dancing his final performance as Albrecht.  Alexa and Chris are married and have been dancing together for years.  Inside her tutu I embroidered “He Loves Me”and 10-29-16  the date of his last performance.  Loved adding that personal message for them.

Last night was wonderful.  It is so nice to see it all coming together.  The sets were beautiful!  I am so excited for tonight’s rehearsal.  The orchestra will be playing so it will sound so wonderful.  Lighting is looking great,  soon everything will be perfect!

Today we made a new peasant costume, added a peplum to Wilifred, made another cape for one of the Court men, a new headpiece for Giselle Act I and Act II.  Redyed Hilarion tights and Joanna also dyed some ostrich plumes for the Court hats.  We also adjusted the Friend headpieces and sprayed all the wili headpieces.

Tomorrow night is opening,  so very exciting, hope to see you there.

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