Moving On

Since my last entry many things have happened.  All Wonderful!!!  All lots of fun and very enlightening.

David and I drove to Ashville, North Carolina to see the Costume exhibit at the University of North Carolina.  Costume Design at the Turn of the Century 1990 – 2015 amazing exhibit.   It included costumes and costume renderings from artists  around the world.  It also included our Rat King headpiece and our Beast headpiece that Svi constructed.   The costume renderings were done in all different styles and all beautiful and unique.  It will also be on display in China next year.  Igor Roussanoff , Professor of Drama at UNC was the curator.  It included 1500 designs by 300 plus designers from 31 countries.  The exhibit was first hosted by the A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum in Moscow.  img_0620

Igor is Svi’s Father, we know where Svi’s talent came from.  He grew up in a costume shop.We are so lucky to have him working with us on GISELLE.  img_0618

Last weekend we had our Grand Opening Celebration for our new annex – Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Friday,  Reception and Performance on Saturday and Open House on Sunday.  All three events were wonderful and very well received.  Great weekend!

Throughout it all we never stopped working on GISELLE.  Today we fit the last 3 Wilis and Peasants.  We have to complete the Wilis by Wednesday because we are having our first studio dress rehearsal.  I asked Terry if we could do a few small studio dress rehearsal as blocks of costumes were completed so we could adjust them before prep week that starts on October 17th.

All but two fabrics have been purchased and we only have six more costumes to cut.  We are moving along.

We did a radio interview with Bob Studebaker.  Art from the Ground Up on WESA 90.5.  I will try to attach it.  

Joanna dyed the fabrics for Giselle’s  Act I costume today.  We still have more dying to do but in a week or two.

The scenery arrived yesterday!!!!  We are getting closer.





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