First and Final Fittings

We did a few first fittings on the Peasant ladies and men this week.  First fittings are exciting because you get to see the costumes on dancers and also if how you decided to make the costume really works.  It is also great to see how the dancers like the costume.  They are really excited about all the new costumes.


Joanna in her Wili costume and Marisa in her Friend costume



Marisa dancing around in her Wili costume


We also had final fittings on the Friends costumes and a few of the Wilis.  They can now be completely completed.  YES!!!!!

Stitching Away

Peasant bodices are all cut and being put together.  They look absolutely gorgeous!  I can’t wait to see them all trimmed.  We also started to cut the peasant men, five of the seven peasant shirts are cut.  We ran out of fabric and Joanna has to dye more.  She has the recipe that she used to dye the first seven yards, we always write down what colors of dye we used to get a certain color just in case we need more.  Actually we used the same recipe that we used for the Friends and Peasant ladies blouses, we wanted the men’s shirts a little darker so we doubled the recipe, not quite the color we wanted so we tripled it, PERFECT!  Three of the six vests were also cut last week.  We almost made our goal of getting all the peasants cut.


Peasant couple, the vest will get a sash

I will attach a video of Peter sketching the Giselle costume.  It is rare to see Peter sketching.  He usually sketches when no one is around.  Such a talented man.  I have been looking at his renderings for years.  In fact one of his renderings is the logo for my store,  The Dancers’ Pointe. When we bought the store Peter offered his artwork to be our logo.  Wonderful gift!  I really enjoy the store, when I make something for a ballet and it is really cool, I make a few for the store.  Last season I designed costumes for Yoshi Nakanos ballet!  The women wore Degas style skirts.  I made a few for the store in nice bright colors and also black. If you get a chance stop in and check them out!  The Dancers’ Pointe is located at 2821 Penn Avenue. (a block and a half from the ballet.)  My daughter Kerri manages the store for me, she does a wonderful job, she grew up with ballet.  Both of my daughters came to work with me until the started kindergarten.

Last week we were in Tuscany attending a wedding of a friend.  Tuscany is Beautiful!!!  The sky is so blue!!!  Grape and olive orchards everywhere.  And beautiful fields of sunflowers, that was a surprise for me.  We went to Florence one day to see David.  Absolutely awesome!  Michelangelo started sculpting him in 1501 at the age of 26.  He has little hearts in his pupils.  Sweet!  Absolutely spell binding.


David’s eye

Back to work on GISELLE.  Joanna dyed the extra shirt fabric while I was gone.  The new batch is a slightly different color.  That is fine, it just means that I can’t cut pieces from each piece to use on the same shirt.  I need cuffs and collars and fron plackets for the two remaining shirts, and one set of sleeves.  Because of the color difference I will take the front aqnd back panels from the  second shirt and cut the cuffs, and collars and front placket for the first shirt.  Then I will cut the final shirt from the new batch of fabric that is slightly different and that will be our extra shirt.  Imagine all the colors in a teaspoon of dye that makes up one color.  It is no wonder some recipes come out different that the first dye bath.  You always get different grains of color in that teaspoon of dye.

The peasant children are all cut out also, we are well on our way to completing the Peasants.