Beautiful Peasants


The great news is the Peasant skirts are finished except for the hooks and eyes and the hems.  Hip hip hooray. Svi and I also worked out the bodices.  They are very nice and they will also be very easy to fit.  Instead of adding an inch of lycra on the sides we are placing it under the chevron and adding an elastic cording to the front of the bodice.  The lace won’t be  black as shown in the picture preferably a more natural color.IMG_3103  The Peasant ladies blouses are already made, they just need trimmed and of course hardware.  Every thing takes a very long time to finish.





The video below is of Joanna trimming a Wili skirt.

Today I will hopefully work out the Peasant men costumes.   I already cut 12 yards of fabric off the bolt for Joanna to dye.  All fabric that is dyed has to be washed first.  The washing takes off any finish that may inhibit the dye.  They will be a shade or two darker that the Peasant ladies blouses.   Joanna has already dyed two of the six colors.  She will be dying up a storm next week.  This is a video of her dying the Peasant skirt layers.  We don’t always ask her to work that fast.  Good Job, or as Peter would say “Top Marks”.                                       

The park show for Hartwood Acres is all packed.  That was a challenge pulling together.We are doing LE CORSAIRE which we rented in April when we performed it and returned the rental, which means we had to pull costumes from stock to perform it.  We used alot of our own costumes in April but alot of what is in the performance is what we rented.  During the studio dress I counted 14 ballets that we pulled costumes from to put it together. (To name a few: CARMEN, ROMEO AND JULIET, THEME AND VARIATIONS, SWAN LAKE, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, SLEEPING BEAUTY and NAPOLI.)  It looks good, thank goodness.   BROOD is a new ballet choreographed by one of our talented dancers, Cooper Verona.  It is  a very nice piece.  It makes you happy to watch.  It only needed 12 costumes.  We pulled the pants and skirts and bought the shirts and blouses. Then FLAMES IN PARIS, we pulled costumes from stock and added red white and blue cumberbunds and sashes.  Another day in Paradise.  It will be a wonderful performance.  It is very refreshing to watch ballet under the stars.

Stay tuned for more updates, things are happening real fast,  we only have two months til opening night.  What happened to Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy days of summer?   GISELLE!





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