Patricia’s Gala and more on the Costumes

Last weekend we drove up to Saratoga Springs, New York to attend the Dance Museum Gala.  Patricia Wilde, our former Artistic Director (1982-1997), was inducted into the Dance Museum.  What a wonderful place.  I could have spent a week there, looking at all the displays and reading about all the dancers and companies over the years.  They had a wonderful display on Patricia.  I was very impressed and the Gala was wonderful!  What a nice time.



“Patricia Wilde is among the most superlative and important ballet dancers, teachers, and artistic directors of her generation. Her speed, power, clarity, versatility, and bravura in both classical and neoclassical roles was highly distinct. Coupled with her steadfast commitment as a teacher and artistic director to advancing and disseminating the art form, Wilde was fundamental in shaping the American ballet landscape in the 20th century.”


David and I enjoying our time at the Gala.

Post Gazette article on Patricia

Back in the costume shop…We are continuing to work on the Friends and Wilis.  They are almost totally completed–the ones we have already fit, that is!  Tomorrow we will pattern the Peasant women’s bodices, their skirts are being stitched offsite by our stitcher, Donna.

I ordered 10 yards of one of my favorite brocades from The Fabric Place last week.
Tammy called today and said that it was no longer available and the manufacturer had gone out of business!  Sometimes when you are building a costume you know exactly what you want but you can’t find it.  Boo hoo!!!!  Luckily I have 8 yards of the brocade I was dreaming of.  Is it enough?  I doubt it, but I will make it work!  I can use different fabrics that will compliment the brocade for the hanging sleeves and maybe a portion of the bodice. But first, we have to dye it.

It is so wonderful to fit the costumes, the dancers are so happy to try them on and move around to see how they move.  They love the new tulle that we used in the skirts and all the colors of the Friends and Peasants.

…I always say “nothing looks good on a hanger” and here’s proof!


(Below, Emily Simpson and Victoria Watford love spinning in their Wili costumes!)

We have to get a lot of work done by the end of August.  Hartwood Acres took more time than I wanted to put together.

After the Peasant bodices are cut we will start on the Court.

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