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The week on the Queen Mary was wonderful.a real relaxing restful week.  I went to watercolor classes all week and I did flower arranging also.  I look at my flower  garden in a whole different way now.
Monday was back to work.  I couldn’t wait to see all that was completed while I was away.
Everything looked great.  Bob scheduled fittings with Gabby, Victoria and Emily.
They were away most of the summer and did not have a chance to come in for a fitting.  We have now fit all the ladies in a Wili costume and some in a friend costume.  We now have 15 bodices completed, 25 Wili romantic skirts, 7 friend skirts,  19 blouses and 5 peasant skirts.  We are coming along.


Svi and I fitting Hannah, one of our principal dancers

I ordered the 10 yards of brocade for the Bathilde costume and another 200 yards of white tulle.  So far I ordered 975 yards of tulle.  That is a lot of tulle.
It is so rewarding to fit the costumes on the dancers.  Everyone is so excited about this new production.
Terry showed me a few photos of the painting of the sets.  They look great!!!  You can tell that they are Peter’s.
The most wonderful part of making costumes for dancers is they dance.  I have always felt that my job was to make everything that they did on stage look wonderful.  I always try to pick fabric that is lighter than air,  that will fly when they jump and float when they pirouette.  We also try to make the costumes so that they stay where they are supposed to.  Stabilizing jackets so when the dancers lift their arms you watch their arms move, not the jacket riding up.

In addition to our building of GISELLE we pulled and made costumes for the Hartwood Acres free performance on August 21st.  We hosted development, marketing and school personnel with wonderful projects that they were working on.  We also had 15 dancers under 5 years old visit to learn about the process of building costumes for ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

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