More Littlehampton

Peasants – Each costumes will have 3 tulle underskirts and one sheer various colored overskirt.  The sky is the limit on this set of costumes!  Each one is a different color and each skirt layer is a different color.  The fun part is choosing the mix of the tulles.  We will have 8 to 10 colors to choose from and depending on where the colors are placed and what color it looks like from above, will decide the overskirt color.  There are also 12 overskirt colors and most are made up of two colors so they look iridescent–one on the crosswise grain and one on the lengthwise grain.

Each bodice is a different color of cotton velveteen.  We had a difficult time finding the cotton velveteen.  Tammy at the Fabric Place located it for us.  When you are dying it is always easier to use natural fibers, they take the dye better.  Joanna dyed some beautiful fall colors for the bodices.They will each be trimmed with different color braids and ribbons. The only color that will be consistent with all of them, will be the blouse color and the chevron in the center front of the bodice. A real riot of colors on the peasants!

There are 6 peasant men and they will also be a different shade of velveteen. They will also have the same color shirt. Very cool. The trims of ribbon and braid will all be different, too.


IMG_2982IMG_2985        Arrived. Can’t wait to see Peter!


Our friend at A-Z Fabrics, helping us with brocades.  

Peter finished the rendering of Giselle the last day of our visit. She is beautiful.

FullSizeRender (2)

Great trip. Going home on the Queen Mary II!

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