We arrived in Littlehampton on Saturday evening.  It is a two hour train ride on the Southern rail service from Victoria station.  Whenever we visit London we always train down to visit Peter.  This time we rented a house on the River Arun for a whole week.  Our house was a block and a half from Peter’s house and the train station was a block away.  Thank you VRBO.  Vacation Rental by Owner.

We went to Peter’s house on Sunday and I showed him all my purchases from Barnett and Lawson.  We went through the trim, flowers and hardware, and decided where they would look the best.  Monday and Tuesday we went through the color swatches  for the Peasants and decided which colors would not work.  “What you do is put them all on a piece of paper and see if any of them jump out at you.  If they do they will not work.”  Peter taught me that many years ago.  Out of the 14 colors Joanna dyed only one jumped out at us.  It can be tinted a little so that it will work.


Peter and I at his house


Peter  signing  posters

Between discussing the costumes Peter signed the beautiful GISELLE posters that Kelly designed for us with Peter’s beautiful GISELLE painting.  We carried them over for him to sign.

David cooked us a lovely dinner both nights at our house.  Another reason to rent a house.  David, Peter. Anne and I had a great time.

Wednesday we went back to London to meet our friends Nick and Ann.  We had lunch at the Ivy in Covent Garden and saw KINKY BOOTS at the Athena Theatre.  We were near Buckingham Palace when the Prime Minister met with the Queen to resign.Lots going on in London that day.  We trained back to Littlehampton and had dinner at the Steam Packet where I stayed in February and March when I met with Peter.

During the week I was getting photos and emails from the costume shop with questions and progress reports on what was happening there.  I was also ordering and canceling shoe orders.

Thursday I met Wizzy at Victoria station.  I met Wizzy a few years when we did ALICE in WONDERLAND.  We rented it from the English National Ballet and she came to Pittsburgh to fit the costumes.  When you rent a ballet it is always good to have a representative from that Company come to fit the costumes.  They know exactly what will fit the dancer because they have a dancer the similar size.  They also explain how everything works and how they want things taken care of.  Great help.  It is also very nice to visit with people that have the same job as you.  You have a great deal in common with them.  I asked Wizzy to shop with me in London for GISELLE.  She knows all the shops and shopkeepers.  We needed Court fabrics (brocades) and sheer fabrics in many different colors for the Peasant girl over skirts.  Wizzy thought the best place to get them would be Sheperds Bush.  We took the tube there and found most of what we needed.  We had at the Portabello in Nottinghill and then stopped at the Victoria and Albert Museum to see the undressed exhibit.  I highly recommend it, undergarments through the years.  Tubed back to Victoria and trained back to Littlehampton.  Good Day.

Friday I walked over to Peter’s with all the fabric and we draped the brocades over his sofa with trims and hardware.  He loved it all and said he would have purchased the same fabrics for GISELLE court.  Then we took all the sheer fabrics and draped them over the recliner with some trims and had a look at them.  He was very pleased.  Called the Fed Ex and boxed them up and shipped them to our costume shop in Pittsburgh.  Thirty five pounds of fabric.  One hundred twenty five yards of fabric and five hundreds yards of ribbon and trim.  Wahoo!  Another day in Paradise!

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