We arrived!


Checked into the hotel and I took a cab to my favorite trim shop in England.  I visit it evertime I am in London.  THEY WERE HAVING A SALE!!!!!!  How Lucky!  I found lots of ribbons, flowers and hardware.  Most of them were on sale!  The hardware is for the Court costumes, buckles and brackets.  It is hard to find nice ones, these are very nice ones.  The whole bag was only ten pounds.

When I mentioned to the sales girls I had just gotten off the plane from the States they asked if I would like a cup of tea or a refreshment.  So sweet!  I am never to tired to shop at Barnett and Lawson.  image

Today we train down to Littlthampton,to see Peter.  Can’t wait to show him all the. Wonderful things I found and what we have been working on at the shop.  I brought a headpiece that Svi put together for the friends.  Some extra flowers to add to them photos of the peasant blouses and of courses swatches!

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