First Fittings

To date we have fit:

Six “Wili” bodices, nine “Wili” skirts, and three “Friends of Giselle”.  They are well on their way to completion.  The bodices we have to bone (we use a spiral metal boning at each of the seams of the bodice and two center front and two center back.  This will give the bodice structure and keep it from wrinkling). Then we pipe the top and bottom, add elastic and hooks and eyes.  This will take another three or four hours.


The dancers are as excited as we are!


Pictured here are corps de ballet Olivia Kelly (top) and Diana Yohe

The skirts will need to be trimmed, Joanna has been working on those.  We put the skirt on the mannequin and measure up to the pin (that we placed at the perfect length during the fitting).  At this point, trimming is done from the floor–at eye level.  They look so wonderful once they are trimmed!


Dancers make our work come alive. (Pictured: Diana)


Collaboration with Svi and I

Svi is working on the friend headpieces. I will take one to England for Peter to see, and a few extra flowers for him to add the final touch.


Candidates for peasant bodices! 




Next group to be worked on are the peasants 12 Ladies and 6 Men.  All different shades of Autumn. Joanna dyed 14 different colors so that Peter had choices.




We also have a commemorative poster with Peter’s original work. They just arrived yesterday. Along with the headpiece, I will be taking 100 posters for him to sign.Giselle Poster_final

DROP DEAD GORGEOUS (if I do say so myself)!!


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